Hon Filing Cabinet for Home and Office

Hon filing cabinet is not a new brand. Talking about filing cabinet, this brand is one of the top filing cabinet brands. Professional and company prefer this cabinet because of the quality. The protection and the durability are just great. This is why many people like it. Maybe some people think filing cabinet is just an old furniture. In this time, it not needed anymore. When you take a look to the Hon filing cabinets, you will understand it. Hon file cabinet is not an old technology. It can also be the part of the alternative storage media. The necessity of the filing cabinet cannot be replaced with the modern technology just like that. For the several reasons, a filing cabinet is more reliable. It also gives the better protection,,, especially for the sensitive documents.

hon filing cabinet troubleshooting photos, images and pictures 2017 for home and office   Hon Filing Cabinet for Home and Office

Now customers understand about the development of the technology. They really understand about the company and the professional needs. That’s why company offer the quality filing cabinet. Interestingly, the new wood filing cabinets appear in a better look. Now, it looks more modern, minimalist and reliable.

Hon filing cabinet has the varied cabinet type. The large size and the small size are available to choose. The style and the dimension are also varied. The 512PP vertical file with lock is a good example for the small size. This filing cabinet covered by the black color. It makes the filing cabinet to look professional and elegant. The lock feature will protect the documents inside it. Now, the safety improved and the look is getting more attractive too. The other option for the small filing cabinet is Hon 312PP 310 series. This filing cabinet designed with two drawers 26 ½ inches. Beside it, it is also equipped with the full suspension letter file.

hon filing cabinet dimensions photos, images and pictures 2017 for home and office   Hon Filing Cabinet for Home and Office
hon filing cabinet dimensions

For the larger choice, there is Hon 514PP series 52 with full suspension letter file. There are four drawers in 25 inch. This is the large drawer number that offer the large space inside. This cabinet is suitable for the company with a large number of documents. For the large filing cabinet and the compact size, there is Hon 434L 400 series 30. This cabinet is wider but shorter than the other filing cabinet. With 4 drawers lateral file, it can store more documents too. The size of the drawer itself is about 53 ¼ by 19 ¼ inches. With the compact size, it will not spend so much space.

The small and compact filing cabinet can also be a good consideration. You can check Hon 683LP 600 series. This cabinet equipped with 36 inches by 19 ¼ inch 3 drawers. The compact design makes this file cabinet easy to be placed in the small room. Hon 683LP 600 series does not have the look of the conventional filing cabinet. This is why it just looks elegant and has the look of the decorative furniture too. If you are looking for Hon cabinet, make sure to find it in the reliable store. Only in the reliable store, you can get the good product and the good price.

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