Two Drawer Filling Cabinet Types in The Market

Two drawer filing cabinet is now available on stationery now. Filling cabinet has at least three or four drawers and it is called file cabinet in American English. It has drawer slide to simplify the opening and ‘out stop’ to avoid the drawer side being pulled too far, so it prevents the whole drawer falling. On the front side of each drawer, there is a handle to grip and pull the drawer slide. Above the handle part, each of drawer slides also has a label holder to easy end users in identifying files stored within. Each slide has a keyed lock to prevent unwanted access by an unknown person. Filing cabinets are generally made in metal or wood. Mostly filling cabinets are used in the offices and also at homes to hold papers in generally A4 size but there is also size 8.5 x11 in the United States. Filing cabinets are just like any other cupboards; they are heavy enough to move here and there. Thus, end users have a choice to put a wooden frame under filing cabinet which also has four wheels to hold up the entire cabinet.

two drawer filing cabinet height photos, images and pictures 2017 for home and office   Two Drawer Filling Cabinet Types in The Market

Types of Two Drawer Filing Cabinet

There are four types of filling the cabinet.

Horizontal cabinet

The first one is a horizontal filing cabinet. Henry Brown was the inventor of a horizontal filing cabinet in 1886. He invented a safe container to prevent fire and any damages happen, so the files stored will be all safe.

Vertical cabinet

The second one is a vertical filing cabinet. At first, the inventor was still a mystery and became a research by The Early Office Museum. This research was helped by Ester Ellen-Poe, who suggested the most credible claim of the inventor of the vertical filling cabinet is Library Bureau. To prove that Library Bureau was the inventor, there was pamphlet released in 1903 titled “Library Bureau Systems of Vertical Filing with Interchangeable Unit Cabinets”.

The demands of vertical filing cabinet started in 1950 by Xerography. This had influenced companies and governments to copy and store copies of documents they had released in case something happened, and they still have the file as a proof. Normally they can store many files in one drawer, to ease end users finding certain files, they put a different type of file in one folder and give label sticker as identity.

height of two drawer filing cabinet photos, images and pictures 2017 for home and office   Two Drawer Filling Cabinet Types in The Market

Lateral filing cabinet

This type of cabinet has more drawers than horizontal and vertical one, it can be more than 20 drawers, but the drawer size is smaller because the width of a file stored comes from 30 to 42 inches. This type is suitable in the hospital as there are many patients and the hospital must have each of patient cards as a track record.

Shelf cabinet

Two drawer filing cabinet is one of the examples.

Cabinet Filing Nowadays

As technology always improves from times to times, we can save more files in the computer more than hundreds gigabyte. This also helps filing system from traditional filing into modern filing. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

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