How to Organize Used Filing Cabinets?

Used filing cabinets are however still having their demands by offices and governments even though the rising of technology advanced is growing up and up. For modern filing, your searching will not take much time, you just need to type, and the computer system will take the rest. Some more, it is easy to bring all of the files in a disk. On the other side, bringing a lot of files from A to Z by traditional filing is not effective, and it spends more cost on printing and papers. However, we still need filing cabinets and papers stored in case there is an accident, disaster or fire. If you have experienced in having a job interview in a company, some of them will ask you to hand in your school certificate as a guarantee of both of your contract. As a guarantee that your school certificate will be safe, they already build special filing cabinets in case something happens. By storing files within this special cabinet, all secret documents are guaranteed safe.

used file cabinets hartford ct photos, images and pictures 2017 for home and office   How to Organize Used Filing Cabinets?

Most Common Types and Systems of Used Filling Cabinets

There are two most common types: lateral and vertical filing cabinets. The vertical filing is the most popular in offices. By this method, files are stored chronologically by putting files in folders and guide cards. The advantages of vertical filing are it is easy to file different documents; it provides safety to documents as you have classified them, so the chance of being lost is small. Last but not least, it keeps the secrecy of documents. On the other side, it has disadvantages as well, they are more costly than the horizontal filing, and there are still chances of tearing up documents accidentally if you are in a hurry. Last but not least, you still have small chances to mix up the documents.

Before going to the lateral filing, we need to know briefly about suspension filing. This type is the improvement of vertical filing by using fitted metal frames in folders which are fitted to hold over the files. It is considered as the best type of filing because it contains all merits of vertical filing and adds another improvement. The only one disadvantage of suspension filing is the folders and cabinets are pretty much expensive.

After suspension filing, the next improvement is lateral filing. It is also considered as the most used systems in modern offices. The envelope folders are made of the metal strip; the hooks used to hold paper works better than the shelf itself, and there is an indicator on the top of each folder. This system is suitable for lager organization because it uses fewer spaces and it is easy and quickly to be located. Last but not least, it is less expensive rather than the vertical filing.

used filing cabinets kalamazoo photos, images and pictures 2017 for home and office   How to Organize Used Filing Cabinets?

How to Reorganize Used Filling Cabinets

However we sometimes be careless or forgetful in always organizing files chronologically, to help you reorganize them, we have some tips. First, decide what files you want to store in one drawer. For example, store tax reports in one drawer then bill reports in the second one and so on. Second, re-check your files and consider some unimportant files that you need to get rid of. Third, make new labels to re-identify them.

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